Home Schooling

Enriching Our Minds Though Quality Books

Each school term we read a book aloud together. This is a book which we can all enjoy; from ages 7 – 13. All of us love to read and enjoy books. The last few months I have learnt a lot from Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things. I highly recommend her Podcasts for all mothers to enjoy, home schooling or not. The enjoyment and benefits we get from reading aloud together is immeasurable. Often the kids will beg me to read more at any chance they get. Often school will begin ‘late’ because we can’t stop reading! Lately we have enjoyed;


and currently we are enjoying;


Our favourite by far was ‘The Green Ember’.  We bought it on Audible. It was lovely to give my voice a rest and also listen while driving. We can’t wait for the sequel to come out on Audible but I fear not much school work or jobs will get done when it does!

Reading as a family unites us. It brings us closer together.  It is often our favourite time of the day.

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