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Dinner Time Games


Dinner time can often be not very enjoyable;
“Eat with your mouth shut.”
“Use your knife and fork properly.”
“Yes, you do need to eat it all.” 
“No, you can’t have any more.”
Often Dad is not yet home from work so the kids don’t even have someone to tell about what they did that day. They can’t exactly tell me because I have been with them all day! To make things a bit more exciting at dinner we have a list of games that can be played while we eat. These don’t happen every night, maybe only once or twice a week. When we do play them though it is a really nice way to end the day. These games work from ages 6 to adult.

The Counting Game

Someone starts with the number 1 and people shout out consecutive numbers counting up as high as you can all go. The only rules are that no two people can say a number at the same time and no one can say two numbers in a row. If either of these two things happen then you have to go back to 1. It involves people taking risks and working together to see how high they can count. Rarely do we ever get beyond 20!


Story Game

I think most people know this game. Each person says a sentence going around the table and a story forms. You can also do this saying one word each.


What’s Your Favourite?

This is often the kids favourite game. Someone chooses a topic, it might be ‘flowers’. Everyone says their favourite flowers. The topics are endless; cars, movies, books, time of day, season, day of the week, game, song… This is really good for getting to know each other. Even though we live in the same house they are still things that we can learn about each other.


I’ll Buy for You

We made this game up. Someone chooses something to buy. For example, an aeroplane ticket. Everyone ‘buys’ an aeroplane ticket for another person in the family to go to a particular country. The receiver has to say ‘thank you’ and isn’t allowed to be ungrateful. We choose an order such as, ‘buy for the person opposite you’, or ‘buy for the person on your left’. Other things to buy might be – a treat, a movie, a book, a house, a pet. This game really tests how much they know each other and their likes and dislikes.


20 Questions

This is a game most people know. Someone choose a topic (say for example, an animal) and everyone has to ask questions that only are allowed a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Sometimes to change it up a bit we make the topics solid, liquid or gas.


Shopping Game

This is the popular game, “I went shopping and in my trolley I put….” and each person adds another thing to the trolley. Each person has to say what everyone else put in before they add their own.


A Funny Phrase

This begins with thinking up a funny phrase such as, “A can full of yummy worms”. One person is chosen and is only allowed to say that phrase and everyone has to ask the person questions. They are not allowed to smile or laugh as they say the phrase. If they do then they are out. A few good questions are, “What is your favourite dessert?” or “What did you wear to your friends house?” Of course the person will answer, “A can of yummy worms.”


What’s my Song?

Being a family who enjoys music, this is a good one for ear training. Someone hums a song and everyone has to see who is the first one to guess it.


Music at the Table

This is not a good one if you have a headache! Choose someone to keep the beat. They might do it by clapping, tapping the table or a glass. Then gradually build up some rhythms. People choose their own ‘instruments’ (tapping glasses, hitting their cutlery together, or even their own beat-boxing). This creates quite a cacophony of sound and is rarely completely in time, but the kids love it and it is quite hard to make them stop.


I must admit, some nights when the kids suggest a game to play it is the last thing I feel like doing. I don’t want to look like a party pooper though, so I join in and I rarely regret doing so.

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