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Music Lessons

We are blessed to have the children’s music teacher come to our house. Our lovely and talented teacher Kendra can play both violin and piano. Beth has been learning from her for 4 years and as of this year the three other boys learn piano from her. It is a pleasure to have her in our home. Although keeping a two year old quiet for two hours can be tricky, Kendra manages very well to both teach and put up with the distractions around her! Today she had Dami wanting to play ball with her, then running around wearing no pants after deciding he didn’t need any on, then wanting to ask her over and over again if she wanted a sandwich, and also me trying to use the Thermomix to make lunch!

Beth violin

4 thoughts on “Music Lessons”

    1. Glad you like them. Your kids are so smart you surely don’t need educational ideas from me!

      All in good time. I have a few more ideas of things to post. I’ve gotta make sure it looks like we do some learning around here anyway!


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