A Letter to the Lady in the Park

Dear Lady-in-the-Park,

You surprised me today. I didn’t know mothers could be so mean to other people’s children. I guess I should have known. I have heard, but never been on the receiving end. Even after 13 years of taking my kids to parks, I have never had a mother speak to my own child the way you did. After you wagged your finger at Zac and sternly said, “I don’t like you,  you’re a horrible boy!” he came to me crying because he knew that he didn’t even so much as touch your son. I know you think you saw Zac push your son off the playground ladder, you are wrong. You are speaking about a boy who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He is the sort of child who offers sacrifices for others. He is certainly not perfect (as none of us are) and I know his faults and failings, but he is not one to be intentionally horrible to others.

What has annoyed me most was that you attacked the child and not the behaviour. If you thought he pushed your son over then be mad at his action not him as a person. Don’t tell him that you don’t like him – you don’t even know him! You didn’t know that he was looking after his 3 year old cousin and trying to keep her safe. Also, don’t tell him that he is a horrible boy. Even if he did push your son, he is not a horrible boy – but that sure would be horrible behaviour!! And behaviour that I would not accept!

I am sorry for shouting at you. When you wouldn’t listen to my explanation and you stormed off,  I just saw red. I shouldn’t have called you a horrible woman, I should have said calmly that you have horrible behaviour.

Anyway, Zac and I have forgiven you. We have prayed for you. And one day maybe we will meet under better circumstances.


Katie & Zac

5 thoughts on “A Letter to the Lady in the Park”

  1. Oh 😏 what a situation to deal with while enjoying family time at the park. Your letter to her is inspirational. I would sincerely hope that the lady in the park has now reflected on today’s events and has forgiven herself for some seemingly immature and overreactive behaviour. Love to you all x


    1. Yes Kendra, it was a very interesting park visit. I surprised myself when I confronted her. I normally would avoid confrontation at any cost! I guess it was that protective mother bear coming out in me – I needed to protect my bear cub! x


  2. Some people amaze me. They are quick to be offended, quick to make assumptions and quick to speak their minds about it. That was very mean and spiteful of her to address you son in such a manner. I remember watching other children play a little rough with my child or snatch a toy away, and I never went up to the other child and yelled at them for it. You are right. Her behaviour was horrible.


    1. Hi Camie
      It was interesting how she literally ran away when I confronted her (by the way I NEVER confront people!). We had to think that maybe she had had a terrible morning and she just all of a sudden lost the plot, and Zac was the receiving end of it.


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