I Wanna go on a Holiday!!!

A few little funnies from the week…..

crop fun in park

This little guy cracks me up. We were talking about going on a holiday today. He has never been on a holiday so he doesn’t even know what one is, but before dinner tonight he was just a little (ok, a lot) grumpy and he was yelling on top note, over and over again, “I wanna go on a holiday!!!!”. Gee, I know how he feels 🙂


I also found him this week in the play room, sitting on a wet patch of carpet saying, “Splash, splash!” He was having an imaginary bath. He had taken his drink mug in there, tipped it out on the floor and made his own ‘bath time fun’.


One of his latest things is to ask everyone how work was today. Daddy arrives home and he says “How was work today?” It must be nice to have a two year old enquire about your day.


My big boys also had me cracking up this last week. After my incident with The-Park-Lady they said to me, “Maybe she ran off because she was scared of us.”  They thought that maybe because they were standing behind me (like they were my bodyguards) she felt intimidated by them. I politely told them that I don’t think she would have been afraid  of 13 and 11 year old boys.

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