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Activity Bags

It’s a little girl’s 3rd birthday today. She is a clever little cookie and she likes to be kept busy. Her mum also has a beautiful baby boy who hasn’t been too fond of sleeping at night. As a result, mum is understandably very tired. She knows that she wants activities for her little girl to do but she can’t be trying to think every day of new activities. So, along come….

activity bags

the activity bags!

The plan is now to do 2 activity bags a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. A simple little timetable will be made so her sweet pea knows when to look forward to her bags. The timetable will be blocks of time, not time slots. A three year old can understand, ‘What comes next?’ So when they see their day planned out they can look forward to things which come up next. The timetable is not something to worry or stress about, it is purely just a guide. And often, as we know well from having kids, the plan rarely happens because a little thing called ‘real life’ gets in the way. But for those days which are dragging by, the timetable is a nice thing to have.

Timetable 3 year old

The birthday girl
The birthday girl

mali bday 2

So now, what to put in the activity bags? The list is endless;

  • kinetic sand
  • plasticine/play dough
  • audio CD
  • puzzles
  • dress ups
  • special textas and book
  • jumping frogs
  • a cleaning bag (duster, cloth, spray bottle)
  • paints
  • chalk to draw on driveway
  • pom poms and paper towel tube (stick tube on wall and child posts pom poms through tube and into a container)
  • board books
  • magnetic play dress ups
  • music CD for ‘dancing’ time
  • pipe cleaners and beads for threading
  • pasta and shoelace
  • muffin tin and gem stones  (if they don’t put things in their mouths)
  • bubbles to blow
  • tea set, water in tea pot and something healthy like corn puffs for the food
  • baking tin, raw rice and tea set
  • felt boards
  • small white board with markers
  • games – like connect 4 or snap cards

activity bags plus activities

Things which are too big for the bag can have a card put in there with a picture on it for what activity you want them to do.

Because I am not a particularly good sewer, I used this to guide me.  They were actually very easy to make and I was able to make another set for my own dear 2 year old.

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