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Drawing Time

My least favourite subject is art. I made the effort today and it was well worth it. I drew alongside the kids and I really enjoyed myself.

We used a website called Creative Bug to guide us. I really like the way we can follow along with the experts. It was like having a teacher in our home. The kids were so encouraging to me, “Wow Mum that is awesome!” They are so kind. When Dami woke up he joined us. He sat at the table with his paper and pencil with him, emptying out the sharpener and rubbing the sharpenings on his paper, “Doin’ sprinkles!” he said. Also, “I need the rubber!” He was creating his own masterpiece.

I’ll let you work out whose drawings are whose.

art 1art 2

8 thoughts on “Drawing Time”

  1. Great art. Am guessing whose is whose but pretty sure which one is Dom’s. Art is a beautiful past time and very creative.



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