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Life. Is. Hard. We all know how difficult life can be. Everyone has their own sufferings. What may seem like nothing to one person, is almost more than another person can bear. I have found myself sometimes even looking at someone’s life and thinking that they have it easy, only to hear that they have sufferings in their life which they have never told anyone about.


We live in a world where everything is available to us right now. We can buy anything we want on the internet 24 hours a day. We can find out the answer to any question within seconds on our devices. We can become quite selfish because of this.  But when it comes to suffering, the answers often aren’t there. We can’t google  it. We can’t buy anything to fix it. Suffering does help us to grow though. Though we don’t feel it at the time, looking back we can see how we are now a stronger person because of it.

I was talking to the kids the other day about suffering. They are in pain. All of them have just got retainers in their mouths…and they really hurt. Their gums and teeth are hurting and they are uncomfortable. One has ulcers, another has cuts all through his mouth, another has sores. They know someone suffering a lot more than them at the moment though. I asked them to offer up their pain for them. Their pain then is turned into a sacrifice, a special prayer. Much harder than just, “Please God, help this person.” But so much more meaningful and more beautiful.

They get it. Even the 7 year old gets it. They will still complain, I know that. But I can gently remind them of their special prayer, and they will remember that there are more important things in life. And people who are suffering more than them. Hopefully it will help them to become less selfish. Even if only to step outside themselves for a minute.

Step outside ourselves-2

6 thoughts on “Sacrifice”

  1. I just love reading your blog, Katie – I am so sorry to hear though about your children and the pain they are enduring now, but the way you have turned it around is beautiful indeed.


  2. How miserable! But at least they are miserable together… Are smoothies on the menu?
    So great that as Catholics we can do something with our suffering!


    1. Oh yes, definitely smoothies! Thank goodness for my thermomix!

      I am so glad they can do this together. It’s much better they all do this at once than one at a time.


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