Recharge the Batteries

Bells Rapids 8

I love a walk in the Aussie bush. When you have 5 kids with you and the youngest is 2, it isn’t really about fitness, it is more about the connection with nature. I love the smell of the bush. I love the fresh air in my lungs.

Bells Rapids 2

Bells Rapids 3Bells Rapids 7

In our family when we go for a family bush walk it recharges our batteries. When we have had a hard week we try to carve out some time on Sunday to go and spend time together. In 2013 we explored the Swan River. We studied river systems and tried to find the source of the river. Last year we visited all the dams in Perth.  Last Sunday we visited Bells Rapids. We have had a fair bit of rain the last few weeks so we were hoping to see the river moving through quite fast.

Bells Rapids 5

We had a lovely time and came home ready to start a new week.

Dami asked,
Dami asked, “Are we going to climb that hill?”

3 thoughts on “Recharge the Batteries”

    1. The photos on my phone don’t quite do it justice. It is actually more green at this time of year. I have to remind myself to stop and look at the scenery instead of always trying to encourage Dami to walk a little faster!

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