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Geography Part One

I have searched and searched for a geography curriculum that I would like to use with my children. I don’t want to just learn about countries and culture because geography is so much more than that. In the end I looked at the Australian National Curriculum and tried to design my own. Imperfect as it is, the kids are enjoying it and I think we are now ready to share some of the activities we are doing. In case anyone else is interested I thought I would post them here.

Grade One

Day 1

For grade one students are expected to know the difference between natural, managed and constructed features.

The national curriculum states students must understand;

The natural, managed and constructed features of places, their location, how they change and how they can be cared for (ACHGK005)

This is pretty simple really.  Whilst looking out the window you can talk about what natural things you see.  Then what are things that have been made by man. The lawn and garden is an example of a managed feature,  it is natural but it has to be managed. Parks also fit into this category, as do farms and wetlands.

Zac drew examples of each of these things and we labelled them as either natural, managed or constructed. You can draw up a simple 3 column table and the child can draw examples under each title.

What can you see? Worksheet to print.

Day 2

We looked on google maps to see where a park was near our house.  Zac had to give directions as to how to get there. Then he described what natural, constructed or managed features are at the park (see national curriculum ACHGS008 and ACHGS011 and ACHGS011). We were planning on going to the park, but didn’t make it there.

Day 3

These are other activities that we plan on doing but haven’t done yet.

  • Draw a map from a story. Where do the characters go in the story? (ACHGS008)
  • Make a treasure map for your backyard or house. Ask you mum/dad for a treasure to hide. Could just be someone’s morning tea!  (ACHGS009)
  • Go on an excursion to a national park. Look at the signs. What are the constructed, managed and natural features. Speak to ranger if possible and ask the ranger questions about problems within the park.

That’s enough for today….lesson 2 coming another day!

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