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Denmark – Day 3

On Sunday we got the kiddies up early and got ready for Mass. In Denmark, Mass is on at alternate times with Mt Barker, a neighbouring town. We thought it was at 8am, but as we arrived we realised that no one was there! So this particular Sunday, Mass was on at 10:30am. Considering we were all out early we decided to explore the town a bit more. We found a little floating bridge which took us across to the inlet so we went for a little walk. I must admit though, I was a little scared walking through some of the scrub, as the three boys had seen a tiger snake the day before! I refused to go first (nothing like protecting my kids- eh?), and I stomped my feet pretty hard just to make sure any snakes would disappear if they were nearby…….I am a real scaredy cat when it comes to snakes.

floating bridge

You can see the floating bridge in the background.

floating bridge and inlet

Once past the scrub the view was beautiful.

We jumped back in the car and went exploring again. This time we drove through town. Kiddies tummies were rumbling so it was time to head home for morning tea, and then come back to town for Mass!

In the afternoon we headed out to Lights Beach. The wind was pretty cold so some of us needed parka jackets and beanies! We enjoyed climbing rocks and watching the waves.

IMGP5110 IMGP5091 IMGP5118IMGP5116 IMGP5108 IMGP5113

UPDATE: Yes, I know these were the pictures I originally posted for ‘Day 2’ but I realised they were actually from Lights Beach, not Ocean Beach. I have to now update the pictures from ‘Day 2’,  I just need to find some picture of Ocean beach…..

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