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Denmark – Day 4

On Monday we drove to one of the most beautiful places in WA, the Tree Top Walk. This walk was made to allow visitors to gain an enhanced experience of these beautiful tingle trees. The distinctive feature of these trees is their large, hollowed out base. The hollows have been caused over a long period of time by fire, fungal and insect attack. The construction of the walk consists of six 60-metre lightweight bridge spans on seven pylons. It reaches a maximum height of 40 metres.

These tingle trees only occur in this small area. The canopy ranges between 30 and 80 metres in height and it includes red tingle, yellow tingle, marri and karri trees.

Luckily for us, no one is afraid of heights. It was beautiful to be among the tree tops.



tree top walkAfter the tree top walk there is an additional walk called ‘Empire Walk’. Although not in the tree tops we enjoyed this just as much. The tingle trees are amazing. The kids especially loved being able to walk inside them.

IMGP5140 IMGP5138 IMGP5136

The last picture is Grandma Tingle. Can you see a face?

After lunch at home and a little rest we headed out to Monkey Rock. This rock really does look like a monkey’s face! It was a pretty tiring climb up the hill. Dami had the most comfortable ride in Dad’s arms. We reached the side of the rock where there was a rope to help you climb to the top. Everyone, except Dami, each had a turn of climbing up enjoying the view. We then realised the track kept going and we could climb up behind the rock and there was a path to the back of the rock. The view was truly breathtaking.


2 thoughts on “Denmark – Day 4”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the treetops walk. I’m one who doesn’t like heights so you wouldn’t get me up there, but it must’ve been beautiful.

    There’s a picture of me as a toddler inside one of those trees. I wonder if it’s the same one? I don’t know that I’ve been back since. We must go on holiday there soon.

    Lots of lovely family pics! Love the last shot. So beautiful! Makes me homesick.


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