Denmark – Day 6

We were headed to Albany for the day. Albany is 55kms from Denmark. I was really looking forward to it because I hadn’t been to Albany since I was a child, and I don’t remember it at all.

We drove first around the town and then spent the morning at the war memorial. One of the two mountains that protects Albany is Mount Clarence. At the top there is beautiful views over the Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound. On 1 November 1914, Albany was the final departure point for the first ANZAC troops on their way to the battlefields of the First World War. It was really special to see where the groups left from and to give the kids a bit of a history lesson!

IMGP5222 IMGP5223

We then left Mount Clarence and went and bought supplies for lunch. Our plan was to then head out to Discovery Bay. Dami saw an old unused ship up on the shore and said to Daddy, “I wanna go on that ship.” So, we did. Luckily for us the tickets also included a tour of the historic whaling station. We waited for the guided tour and it was well worth it. I followed at a distance with Dami while the others learnt all about whales and the history of whaling in the area.


whaling boat

One of the original whaling boats

IMGP5235 IMGP5231

We then went for another drive through town, past the wind farm.

wind turbine

Then ate dinner at the beach and headed home.

2 thoughts on “Denmark – Day 6”

  1. I saw the whaling station when it was open. It had a big impact on me because I can remember it now even though I was around 2-3years old at the time. It was quite scary. I remember the floor was wet and slippery and steaming holes where the whale bits were being pushed into. I was scared I would slide into one of those holes somehow.

    I also remember the day the station was closed down from the reaction of the adults who were shocked. It was big news.

    We went on this tour a few years back too. It was quite interesting. Especially for me to see again as an adult somewhere that I had memories from as a child.

    Maybe we will go again when we go down for our holidays there soon.

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Albany 🙂


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