Denmark – Day 7

Thursday was a day to choose what we most wanted to do before heading home the following day. Everyone wanted to go back to Green’s Pool, and this time take their bathers!

A funny thing happened at the beach that day. Something I think we will never forget. As we were walking along the beach Dami asked where his shadow was. I pointed it out to him, and he looked at it for a while. Then, in an effort to get him walking again I said, “Come on, let’s go and bring your shadow with you.” Well from this moment on, he wouldn’t stop looking at his shadow. He ran along for a few moments, then got very grumpy. He started yelling, “Don’t get my shadow wet!” over and over. He started crying and tried to run away from his shadow. By this stage we were in fits of laughter. In the end I had to take him over to the water and show him that my shadow can get wet, and it’s ok. So he let me get his shadow wet and all was well in his little world again.

IMGP5241 IMGP5243

In the afternoon all the boys wanted to go for a hike. They went for a 10km hike! Even Zac at seven years old did a wonderful job and everyone was very impressed with his fitness and stamina. (No photos of the hike, they are still on Zac’s camera).

2 thoughts on “Denmark – Day 7”

  1. I am really enjoying hearing all about your Denmark and Albany adventures, they are both such beautiful places. What a lovely part of the world. I can completely understand why the locals just love living there – (it’s our family’s favourite place for our holidays btw!)

    I am completely amused at Dami’s shadow story – how gorgeous, that is definitely something that you’ll never want to forget! So glad to hear that you all had such a wonderful time away.


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