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My Daybook – October

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE….  beautiful roses on our standard roses out the front of our house. We also had little visitor today…


racehorse goanna

I AM GIVING THANKS FOR….. a beautiful cool day for our sports day yesterday and I am giving thanks that my little boy didn’t break a bone after coming crashing down some stairs at the sports day.

Zacs legs

I AM PRAYING FOR……..people in our family who are sick, a friend who has recently announced that she is expecting, a friend who is moving house… there are always so many intentions…..

I AM LISTENING TO…. Dami marching around the house with a flag which we brought home from sports day yesterday. He is actually saying, “Marching, marching with the flag!”

I AM THINKING ABOUT….my moderator visit which is coming up soon, also our drama concert which is very soon!

I AM LEARNING….more and more about essential oils.

I AM READING….Island of the Blue Dolphins (another book for Jay’s literature class)

I AM CREATING…. portfolios for each of my school age children. We will show them to our moderator. I have made these for the kids every year since we started homeschooling. They are basically just a selection of school work from the year. We also write in there things they have enjoyed over the last year, things that they want to improve on and things they look forward to doing next year. My kids love these portfolios and will often look over past years just for fun. It is also handy to look over their past years to remind me what I did with the older kids when they were younger.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are trying hard to wrap up as many subjects as we can, as quickly as we can, so we can move onto Christmas activities once Advent arrives.

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN…. not actually cooking, but I need to make a essential oil blend for my diffuser for myself….I have a cold – my first one in a long time.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… We are still reading ‘A Nest for Celeste’, we are also trying to do extra reading in the morning from our science book – otherwise we will not finish it this year!

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….how cute this little 2 year old is…. he just was speaking to Dom.  Dom asked him, “Are you going to hit Dom again?” He replied, “No, I think.”

This very cute 2 year old also came into my room this morning carrying a play sword, shoulders slouched forward and in a little voice he said….”Dom killed me.”

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD…. portfolios, reports, making decisions about next years schooling and buying a few more costumes for the drama concert.

1 thought on “My Daybook – October”

  1. What a beautiful rose! Sounds like you’re having s lot of fun with that cute two-year-old! 🙂 Thank you for your prayers.


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