My Daybook – November


A racehorse goanna joined the kids for morning tea this morning.

Also, the other day we witnessed what we think is a cricket going through its molting phase…

cricket molting1

molting cricket

cricket molting3

Update: We have been informed by a very reliable source that this is a cicada – thanks Sharyn!

I AM GIVING THANKS FOR….. the school year being nearly all done. I can’t wait for holidays!

I AM PRAYING FOR……..all the Holy Souls in this month of November.


  • Pink Panther being played on the piano by Jay
  • the ‘click click’ of a rubik’s cube – Dom is determined to beat his record of 2 mins 38secs which is pretty good since he only learnt how to do it yesterday!
  • a grumpy 2 year old who screams when anyone looks at him!
  • Beth and Zac completing some science activities.


I AM THINKING ABOUT….plans for next year. All my books are finally ordered, now I need to finalise how we will fit it all in!

I AM LEARNING….about the creationist view on dinosaurs. The kids are learning about it in science and it is very interesting. It is nice to give the kids both viewpoints. Were humans around at the same time as dinosaurs?? The evidence is interesting.

I AM READING….reviews of different curriculums as I decide exactly what everyone will learn next year.

I AM CREATING…. booklists for next year!

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are finishing off things for the year. Some books are done – yay! Others are taking a bit longer 😦

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….a few things with essential oils last week….basil pesto and lemongrass chicken.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… we are finally finished ‘A Nest for Celeste’. I don’t know whether to start another read aloud before school finishes for the year.


  • How much fun we all had at Adventure World last week. The kids managed to get me on the rollercoaster and a few other thrill rides! I used to love them as a kid but was unsure if I would still enjoy them…..I do 🙂
  • How enjoyable it was to see the kids perform at their ‘Showcase’ concert. They worked hard all year during their drama lessons and it payed off when they performed their skits at the concert. It was an awesome night.


PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD…. I am planning a Trade Fair for our local homeschool group. The kids will be selling the products from their businesses which they have developed this year with the help of the Lemonade to Leadership course.

9 thoughts on “My Daybook – November”

  1. Your molting insect is a cicada 😉

    What a lot you have all been up to. Such an active creative family! I hope we can come to see you all soon 🙂


  2. I love reading my daughters blog, we talk or email but life is going at such a fast rate we miss the little important things happening in their lives and this is a great way to be there when you are not there. It has been a daily ritual that I check daily for any updates, no pressure Katie!!!!!!!!
    So proud of you all xxx


  3. I tell lots of people here in Ghana about you Katie and your homeschooling of 5 kids not to mention that you cook, clean and wash all yourself…and they all look at me in amazement! I heard that the performances were top of the shelf. xx


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