My Baby is Growing Up

His first night in a big bed.

dami sleeping


He didn’t get out once! So far so good. Our little trick for keeping kids from getting in and out of a bed….

  • Don’t let them play on their bed – it is only for sleeping!
  • Tell them that they only get in and out of the bed when you are there.
  • Practise with them calling you when they wake up. We did this a few times last night.
  • This morning when he woke up I waited outside his door and then told him to call me. I went into his room and got him out of bed, rather than telling him to get out himself.


This has worked with all the kids so far and we have never had any trouble with them getting in and out of bed. Once I put them to bed at night I only want to do it once….not over and over again!



5 thoughts on “My Baby is Growing Up”

  1. Oh mine too! He turned two yesterday.

    Don’t they still look like babies when they’re sleeping though. Look at your little big man there all cuddled up with badger. So sweet!


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