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Planning, Planning, Planning

I have turned into a little hermit crab, only coming out of my shell for short periods of time. I do enjoy this time of year, even though at times it can feel overwhelming. At every chance I can get I have been planning for our new school year. I know that the more planning I can do now, the more smoothly the school year will begin. I am determined to be better organised this year. This applies to all aspects of my life. I have been sorting cupboards, organising timetables, meal lists, and even trying to do a deep clean of the house (because once school starts there is barely enough time to clean – let alone deep clean!)

With 4 children to homeschool, one little one to keep busy and a husband who works long hours, I need to be organised.

My next few posts will be dedicated to all the planning I have been doing. This will hopefully help me next year to remember everything I did, so it will hopefully not be as daunting when I need to do it all again!


Here is our timetable Monday – Thursday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.50.34 pm copy

Now although this looks pretty exact, it is really a rough plan. If certain subjects take a little longer or a bit shorter then that is fine. Maybe some days we will need to spend more time on a particular subject and another needs to be left for the day – that is fine too.

The two older boys still have school to do on Friday, but I haven’t done a timetable for that. They will be given a checklist and can complete it in any order they like. This will free up our Fridays to go on excursions, do nature study and work on any projects the kids may be doing.

Now that timetables are complete, I am onto finishing the next task…daily checklists! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Planning, Planning, Planning”

  1. Oh wow Kate. I have been planning for HOURS on end for the last few days, and I am exhausted. I am no where near done! And I only have 3 kids to plan for! On the bright side, I have cleared out so much clutter and am throwing away old work books and lap books…… not that you can tell from the state of the study right now. Good luck with your planning.


    1. Yes, well I am still not done, but I am getting there. One more week to go! I have been so busy planning that I haven’t sorted through last years work yet, so you are ahead of me there. All the best with the rest of your planning too!


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