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Summer Break


Well the holidays are over (sigh) and school must begin 😦  It was a wonderful break for the kids though, they did some wonderful things and really enjoyed their well-earned break.

Here is just a snap shot of some things that they did….1


From left to right:

  1. The school term ended with a lovely show-and-tell at a friends house.
  2. We also celebrated Dom’s 12th birthday with a yummy breakfast.
  3. After the birthday breakfast we headed to the beach.
  4. Paul played Christmas carols on the guitar with the two big boys and Beth played violin. It was lovely to hear such beautiful music.
  5. Jay and Dom went to their Grandma’s and Poppy’s for a sleep over. Poppy took them go carting – they had a ball!
  6. Part of the kids Christmas present was tickets to the tennis – the Hopman Cup! They were very excited to see Lleyton Hewitt and Serena Williams play!



  1. We enjoyed another trip to the beach with friends (and also a trip to Point Walter – one of my favourite places – with more friends).
  2. I took Zac to the shop for a bit of Mummy-and-me time. We looked at the lego display and had an ice-cream!
  3. Zac also received a ticket to go and see ‘Deadly 60’ the stage show with his cousin. He was so excited to see Steve Backshall in person. In fact, when he was given the ticket on Christmas day he was so happy that he cried!
  4. 5. & 6. We enjoyed a family outing to Ten Pin Bowling, then a picnic dinner at the river with a full moon in view. It was beautiful.
  5. For Australia day we had yummy pikelets (very Australian) for breakfast. I then took the kids to the local tennis courts for a hit. Whilst having a hit with Zac I had a very bad fall, but was so embarrassed that I got up and kept playing. Once I got home I realised how sore I was. I drove myself to the Emergency Department because Paul and I thought I might have broken my wrist. Thankfully, I had not broken it but my graze and bruise has been very impressive! See UPDATE here.
  6. For a lot of the holidays the kids have enjoyed playing games. Their new game Dominion has been played a lot and enjoyed by all.

Other activities that they have enjoyed are; playing tennis on the driveway, reading, watching the Australian Open on tv, a few movies, time with the cousins and Beth and Zac always squeeze in some craft in their spare time.

They even admitted to me that they were looking forward to starting school! I’ll ask them again in a few days and see if they feel the same way!! I bet they will be wishing they were back on holidays again 🙂



5 thoughts on “Summer Break”

  1. Looks like you’ve had a fun holidays! Australian Open, that must’ve been great! And the Deadly 60 guy came to Perth! What a shame we didn’t know! We will look forward to talking with you about it some time.
    We’ve enjoyed getting back to school. Always sad when holidays end though isn’t it. Lovely to see how you spent your holidays 🙂


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