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A Lesson on Taking Things for Granted

What a week we have had! Three weeks after my fall, my wrist was still sore. I thought it best to get it checked out (especially considering the emergency department told me that if it was still sore after a week, go and get my wrist X-rayed again). My doctor suggested I get an X-ray and ultrasound done. The ultrasound showed up a cyst and the X-ray a possible fracture, but I needed a CT scan to be sure. In the meantime my wrist had to be immobilised. Currently, I am wearing a thermoplastic cast. On the day I was scheduled to get my wrist immobilised we experienced a much worse event.

trampoline rust

My son Dom was on the trampoline when it collapsed under him. The legs had rusted from the inside out and we had no idea that it had deteriorated so badly. We knew we needed a new trampoline soon but we were keeping a close eye on the mat – not the frame. As the leg collapsed, it propelled him forward and his mouth hit the frame. It broke his front right tooth at the root. This required immediate attention. He was very upset and in pain and I can tell you – it wasn’t a pretty sight, even though he pushed the tooth back into place. At 4:50pm on a Friday I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get a dentist as most would have already gone home. Our normal dentist had gone home so I started the frantic ring-around to find someone. I found one open and they said to come immediately.

We were so well looked after. After we arrived at the surgery, the staff ushered us in and got straight to work on Dom. My husband arrived from work and then I had to leave for an important appointment for my wrist. After an hour and a half the dentist had done all he could to try and save the tooth.

dental xray
You can see the break on the left tooth, towards the top.

Now it is a waiting game. We have to wait six weeks to see if the root will take hold of the tooth again. We are doing all we can nutritionally to give Dom the best chance. We are also praying pretty hard, and a lot of people are joining us in prayer.

It’s funny how you take things for granted. Last Friday morning Dom was happily running around with friends. By the evening he was quite ill and in shock. 5 days later he still looks pale, he tires easily and is quite fragile emotionally. We are so grateful though that the accident wasn’t worse. A small child could have been killed if they were under the trampoline.

Even my injury, small as it is, is quite frustrating. I normally take for granted that I can rush around all day and get things done pretty quickly. Now though, it takes me a lot longer to do things since I can’t move my wrist properly.

hand cast

We all have crosses and suffering, and this is our piece of the cross at the moment. We can offer up our sufferings and it certainly makes our Lent more meaningful. We can also be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. We have been so touched by people offering help, prayers and advice. We can also see God’s hand in it all. The first dentist we saw did an amazing job. We later found out that he spent his first year out of dental school working with a surgeon who dealt with these types of injuries every day.

Someone said to me the other day, “Wow! How lucky are you to have found that dentist!”
I told her “No, we weren’t lucky, we were blessed.” And we truly were.

A lesson for us all……if your trampoline is getting old, check the frame and legs are still ok – no rust from the inside out!

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