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My Daybook – February

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…. a ‘pirate ship’ that was created at morning tea play.


I AM GIVING THANKS FOR….. our wonderful dentists!

I AM PRAYING FOR……..Dom’s tooth – that it will not die in the near future, family members who are sick and also our sick parish priest. I am also joining a friend in prayer this Lent. She has asked for a special intention.

I AM LISTENING TO…. Beth and Isaac playing ‘Castles’ in the playroom. It’s their latest imaginary game. Jay is playing guitar, Dom is doing electronics and Dami is fast asleep.

I AM THINKING ABOUT….what a priest said to me on the weekend, “Do not fear what tomorrow will bring because what you are afraid of might not happen anyway.” So I am just trying to live in the moment.

I AM LEARNING….patience in prayer. I am quite a patient person, but when it comes to something I am praying for I am not so patient!

I AM READING….I recently finished reading ‘The Hunger Games’ series. I must admit, I quite enjoyed them.

I AM CREATING…. nothing!

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….just plodding along trying to get though everything. Here are a few pictures from today….

I was given a lot of ‘tea’ and ‘cake’ while I was teaching today.
Subtraction with regrouping
We have been reading about Benjamin Franklin in history. Dom was very happy when I told him his activity was to ‘invent’ something! He has designed his own wooden combination lock.
Beth was very happy to draw Benjamin Franklin’s ‘kite’ experiment. Of course her kite has lots of pretty bows on it.
IMG_1007 (1)
Jay is reading about the French Revolution for history. Such an independent learner – he didn’t quite understand it from the text so he googled it and watch video after video until he understood it. He said that the ‘Horrible Histories’ video was the best!

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….nothing exciting. Just lots of healing foods; bone broths, beef gelatine jelly, green smoothies and lots of fruit and veg.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… we are creating a ‘Jesus Tree’ in our doodle books. Each morning we read from the bible and draw the relevant symbol in our doodle book. Here is an example with the printable symbols. We are also reading ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library’.

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….Dami’s bed time routine. I get on Dami’s bed and tell stories. They used to be about a little mouse who lived in the corner of the room. I exhausted all my ‘Little Mouse’ ideas, now we are onto dragon stories. ‘Mr Dragon’ lives in a cloud above a country town. He has all sorts of adventures. When the story is finished Dami tells me a story. These are quite amazing and full of adventure. I would love to capture it on video sometime. He then has a drink and his essential oil massage (lucky boy!). If we are lucky he will go to sleep quickly, but most nights he takes quite a while and he keeps Zac awake by talking too much.

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD….trying to catch up on housework! Everything has been left the last few weeks due to wrist and tooth fractures 😦  I am a little slow with this cast on, but I can’t stand the mess so I’ll get through it gradually.

11 thoughts on “My Daybook – February”

  1. Wise priest. Do pray Dominic’s tooth will heal, been through this situation myself. btw Our oldest boy’s name is Dominic, great name.
    Was going to email you a private bold request but can’t find email address so… just wondering if you’ve ever considered changing your setting so readers can read post in full on feedly. I promise to still come over and comment often but with my internet connection I generally don’t read blogs that I can’t read in full on feedly. Apologies for being so bold.
    Love seeing your pictures, a snippet of your days.


    1. Thanks Erin for your honesty and your prayers for Dom. I never thought that about being easier for people to read in feedly. I guess I thought that if the full post was in feedly then people wouldn’t pop on over to the blog. I think I’ll try it for a while and see how it goes – I am always happy to please my readers 🙂


  2. What a great pirate ship! Love Benjamin Franklin, too. 🙂
    Regarding patience, the kids and I were just discussing this morning how Jesus waited 30 years to begin his public ministry. I have a lot to learn in the patience-and-trusting-God’s-timing department!


  3. You may not be creating anything – leave that to God ;), but you are always making – you make a lovely home environment where your children learn and play. You are helping making them become saints and You make your friends feel loved and you make your readers enjoy reading your blog by the looks of all your comments. Xx


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