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Tree Acrobatics

Just when you think that you can’t possible have another injury in the house….along comes another one!

Zac broken shoulder
Zac is looking very serious here. We also had to cut his favourite top to be able to see the injury better.

It was Wednesday, early evening. I was cooking dinner and Paul was practising the piano ready to go and play at a Church service. Zac and Dami were both playing beautifully on the back lawn and I was enjoying watching them as I cooked. I was thinking how beautiful it was to watch my 7 and 2 year olds playing so nicely together.

The phone rang and I went down to my room to be able to talk (otherwise I wouldn’t hear anything over the sound of the piano). A little while later I heard a commotion at the back door, Beth was calling, “It’s an emergency! Zac has fallen out of the tree!” I quickly got off the phone went to see what had happened. Paul was already there and Zac was lying on the grass crying in a lot of pain. After questioning the kids we found out that Zac had been trying to jump from the top of the climbing frame to a tree branch where he grabbed on with both hands and then swung like a monkey. This worked the first few times, but the last time he tried he slipped and fell to the ground.

After working out that his only pain was his shoulder, we moved him inside. I could see he was in a lot of pain so I thought it best to take him to the hospital. After getting an x-ray it was evident that he had broken his shoulder – his humorous bone. He now has to wear a special sling for six weeks. Unfortunately he is right handed so school will be tricky now for a while.

So who would have guessed that we could have three fractures in the house at once? I feel like I am running an orthopaedic ward! Friends have suggested to wrap the kids in bubble wrap! I think that sounds like a good idea.


6 thoughts on “Tree Acrobatics”

  1. I can hardly believe this! Our best wishes to Zac, now. I hope this is it, and that you all have a full and quick recovery. 🙂


    1. Yes, the shoulder is nasty as it can’t have a cast on it so we need to be careful. Let’s hope that’s all for now..actually for a very long time!


  2. Poor Zac! At least he got the break while attempting something cool! Sounds like you are all getting extra chances to practice being merciful to each other.


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