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A Green Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day!stpatrick

Here at Katie’s home we have celebrated today. It is St Patrick’s feast day. We remember a wonderful Irish saint today who is celebrated in so many countries over the world. He converted thousands of people to the Catholic faith. He was able to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity by using a shamrock. He loved God with his whole heart and he worked many miracles. He also lived a life of poverty.


Today in our home we celebrated this feast with;IMG_1050

a baked frittata with as much green as we could put in it (spinach, capsicum & avocado),


IMG_1052we read our St Patrick’s books,

we listened to an Irish blessing,

we also listened to Irish music,

and we watched some Irish dancing (and even tried to imitate)!


Lastly, Beth, Zac and I invented our own green choc-chip mint ice-cream. It was dairy free and healthy and it was delicious!!!! Anyone want the recipe??


To those people I was talking to the other day about how I was craving choc-chip mint ice-cream……I certainly have satisfied my craving!!!!! πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “A Green Day”

  1. A very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all too. Looks like you certainly celebrated well! (I’d love your recipe please too, thanks.)


    1. I told you I needed choc-mint ice-cream!! Craving certainly satisfied now. I am going to have to make it again so I can check the measurements! It might need to wait until Easter or until another feast day though.


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