Easter Triduum: Part One

The Easter Triduum is, in my opinion, the three most special days of the whole year. A triduum is a 3 day period of prayer. The Easter Triduum recalls the three days that Christ spent in the tomb from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.


In our home this year we did some special activities that helped us focus more on the events of these three days. Some of these are old traditions in our family, some are new.


Officially, the Triduum begins on Holy Thursday evening, but we had our special meal at lunch time.


I sent the little three kids outside while I set the table and so I could surprise them with a special symbolic lunch. Each food had a special meaning (all ideas are from Shower of Roses). Everything was so easy to put together and I didn’t even do any baking!

Our blessed palms from Palm Sunday
Oil to put on the salad


They were allowed just one coin (and I couldn’t find silver ones so gold just had to do)


Our gluten free wraps worked well for this
We always have olives in the fridge!
A lovely thoughtful friend had dropped us off some chicken curry the night before and we happened to have left overs
Organic figs and fig jam were a treat
I couldn’t find any food to match the kisses (hershey kisses aren’t easy to find in Australia)
I found a packet of small meringues  
Salty, tamari coated almonds


As we ate I read from the children’s bible
This was a beautiful craft we did last year that I was able to put together again this year.

It was a beautiful meal and we enjoyed it immensely. We will definitely be doing this again next year.

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