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Easter Triduum: Part 2

It seems to have become a tradition that on Holy Thursday evening I bake hot cross buns. Hubby plays at Mass that evening and it is too late for the little ones to be out, so I stay home with them and spend quiet time in the kitchen baking. This year, due to our food intolerances, I made two different recipes. One was for our paleo, low-FODMAP eating son, and the rest were for us. Unfortunately, they didn’t work out as well as last year, but hey, it is for Good Friday after all so they don’t need to be delicious.


Spelt and Paleo Hot Cross Buns


Good Friday was a beautiful reflective day. Stations of the Cross in the morning and the 3 o’clock service in the afternoon. In the evening hubby and I watched ‘The Passion of the Christ’ with our eldest son. It was his request to watch it for the first time.


Saturday was preparation for our Resurrection Celebration!

Beth helped to make home-made chocolate eggs

During Holy Week we read, Rechenka’s Eggs. It inspired us to blow and paint our own eggs. We blew them on Good Friday and used them to make our meatless meal – scrambled eggs. Then they were ready to paint.


Dom, Beth, Zac and Dami painted our eggs


I was pretty sure that this little guy would squash his – but he didn’t!
Our finished products. A piece of paper was placed inside them and they became part of the Easter hunt on Sunday

We decided to go to the Easter Vigil Mass. It is such a beautiful Mass which begins outside the church in the dark, surrounding a fire. Dami only just managed to stay awake and we even got a photo after Mass.

Finally, a family photo at our church in our recently installed chapel.

Easter Sunday was spent with both our families. One before lunch and one after. Dami didn’t quite last the 50 minute drive between houses and he crashed in the car for a while.


So there ends our Easter Triduum. We are now in the Easter Season and we continue to celebrate the Risen Christ!





4 thoughts on “Easter Triduum: Part 2”

  1. What a beautiful family photo. What parish are you at now? I thought your parish already had a chapel. Aren’t they beautiful asleep in the car?


  2. Yay! Happy Easter! I’m impressed Dami didn’t squash his egg – great control! And fantastic family photo as well – the chapel must be amazing.


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