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Beth’s Zentangles


I have mentioned briefly before how Zentangle has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool morning basket. Since beginning to add this to our read aloud time, Beth has taken quite a liking to it and continues to do it in her own spare time.

I thought I would share some of her creations – she is becoming quite an artist (and she definitely does NOT take after her mother 😉




Her ‘Zentangle’ bag is ready to go whenever she knows that she will be sitting around at appointments for a while. In it she has her Zentangle books, her notebook which she draws in, a fine line marker, a pencil and her kneadable eraser.


For those who want to know how it works here is a brief description:

  1. Draw what is called a ‘string’. This is a few lines across your page, this will make little segments for you to draw patterns in.

thumb_IMG_1717_10242. Choose a section to begin patterning in. Beth got her ideas from her Zentangle books but you can make up your own. Some examples are here.

thumb_IMG_1723_10243. Keep going until you have filled all of your sections.

Only one section to go…


I hope you now are inspired to go and do some Zentangling of your own!

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