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Drop School, It’s Tulip Time!

Sometimes you just need to drop everything and go and spend some time in nature. When there is a tulip festival on, how can you possibly resist? We skipped school this morning to go and visit the very beautiful Araluen. Every year, at this time, Araluen is in its finest. People flock from near and far to feast their eyes on the beautiful tulips that fill the grounds.

We set off early this morning, trying to beat the crowds.


We spent time admiring the flowers, waterfalls and wildflowers.


The kids climbed rocks, and explored hidden areas in the bushes.


While Beth and Dami did some nature journaling…


the other boys went on a bush walk.


We enjoyed morning tea (yummy fermented apples and kefir) and then the kids decided it was ‘stacks on’ Dom!


When we got home we had lunch then spent the afternoon reading about the parts of a flower and drawing and labelling our flowers. Of course the younger kids just drew and labelled whereas the older boys had to write definitions as well.


It’s funny after such a beautiful spring morning, it is now raining. As we sit and drink tea and some kids continue to draw more flowers, I am so grateful for homeschooling. These are the days that I want to remember forever.

15 thoughts on “Drop School, It’s Tulip Time!”

  1. Beautiful, we will go too. Went years ago with older kids. We were learning about flowers today, just haven’t labelled them yet. Happy days. šŸ’•šŸŒ»šŸŒ¹šŸŒæ


  2. We must have just missed you Kate. We were there today with the kids local `teen homeschoolers group’. It was beautiful….. and we managed to avoid the rain(mostly).


    1. Glad you got there too! It was easier to go with morning tea than do the whole ‘picnic’ thing. It was just better to be home by lunch. Good to hear that you mostly avoided the rain.


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