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Be grateful, pray and give thanks

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Blogging has certainly had to take a back-seat. It’s a pity really because the whole reason for starting a blog in the first place was to have as a keepsake the things that we do in our home-school.

Lately, all I have managed is cooking for our very strict diet, and getting small amounts of school done. I have even been quiet on the Instagram front too. Jay’s health has taken a turn for the worse. Even though it is entirely ‘normal’ when going through a detox program such as this, it doesn’t make it any easier.

As toxins leave the body they initially make you feel a lot worse. This is difficult because you are putting so much work into trying to heal the body and all you feel like you are doing is making things worse!

As we peel back the layers of Jay’s problems I feel we are gradually getting towards finding out what is going on in his body. His¬†ileocecal valve is not shutting and it looks like it suffered some trauma from having his appendix out 4 years ago. Other problems are surfacing too, but at least this gives us an idea as to what we can do to help him heal.

I want to begin blogging more again. I will be trying to document what we are doing for school. Jay isn’t managing much school work. His work load depends on how he is feeling each day. On a good day he focuses on getting some maths and english done. If he is able to do more, he reads his textbooks for history and science. He also has the option of religion and geography which are online courses. When unwell he spends lots of time on the couch listening to audio books and reading. He also watches documentaries. I have faith that he will catch up and I am so grateful that we homeschool and we can adapt his school as we need to each day.

So I won’t bore you with any more ‘health talk’. I will be posting more about what’s happening around our home. And I will be focussing on all our achievements of the week (even if very small). When things are difficult I believe the only way to survive is to celebrate the success and be grateful for the little things. Be grateful, pray and give thanks!

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Easter Triduum: Part 2

It seems to have become a tradition that on Holy Thursday evening I bake hot cross buns. Hubby plays at Mass that evening and it is too late for the little ones to be out, so I stay home with them and spend quiet time in the kitchen baking. This year, due to our food intolerances, I made two different recipes. One was for our paleo, low-FODMAP eating son, and the rest were for us. Unfortunately, they didn’t work out as well as last year, but hey, it is for Good Friday after all so they don’t need to be delicious.


Spelt and Paleo Hot Cross Buns


Good Friday was a beautiful reflective day. Stations of the Cross in the morning and the 3 o’clock service in the afternoon. In the evening hubby and I watched ‘The Passion of the Christ’ with our eldest son. It was his request to watch it for the first time.


Saturday was preparation for our Resurrection Celebration!

Beth helped to make home-made chocolate eggs

During Holy Week we read, Rechenka’s Eggs. It inspired us to blow and paint our own eggs. We blew them on Good Friday and used them to make our meatless meal – scrambled eggs. Then they were ready to paint.


Dom, Beth, Zac and Dami painted our eggs


I was pretty sure that this little guy would squash his – but he didn’t!
Our finished products. A piece of paper was placed inside them and they became part of the Easter hunt on Sunday

We decided to go to the Easter Vigil Mass. It is such a beautiful Mass which begins outside the church in the dark, surrounding a fire. Dami only just managed to stay awake and we even got a photo after Mass.

Finally, a family photo at our church in our recently installed chapel.

Easter Sunday was spent with both our families. One before lunch and one after. Dami didn’t quite last the 50 minute drive between houses and he crashed in the car for a while.


So there ends our Easter Triduum. We are now in the Easter Season and we continue to celebrate the Risen Christ!





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A Green Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day!stpatrick

Here at Katie’s home we have celebrated today. It is St Patrick’s feast day. We remember a wonderful Irish saint today who is celebrated in so many countries over the world. He converted thousands of people to the Catholic faith. He was able to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity by using a shamrock. He loved God with his whole heart and he worked many miracles. He also lived a life of poverty.


Today in our home we celebrated this feast with;IMG_1050

a baked frittata with as much green as we could put in it (spinach, capsicum & avocado),


IMG_1052we read our St Patrick’s books,

we listened to an Irish blessing,

we also listened to Irish music,

and we watched some Irish dancing (and even tried to imitate)!


Lastly, Beth, Zac and I invented our own green choc-chip mint ice-cream. It was dairy free and healthy and it was delicious!!!! Anyone want the recipe??


To those people I was talking to the other day about how I was craving choc-chip mint ice-cream……I certainly have satisfied my craving!!!!! ūüėČ


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My Little Saints ;-)

Saint Therese, Saint Ignatius & Saint Michael the Archangel
Saint Therese, Saint Ignatius & Saint Michael the Archangel

This past weekend we celebrated All Saints Day. We were blessed to be invited to a party where we could celebrate the lives of wonderful people who have gone before us. This is something we have done most years since beginning homeschooling and all my children look forward to it. Jay was to stay at home this year and help his Dad do the firebreaks on our property.

This year it was to be held at the Schoenstatt Shrine. When we arrived our children were greeted by Antoinette and then Sr Rebecca gave the children a little talk. Then they processed up to the shrine, where they prayed the Litany of the Saints, then asked for prayers from the saint that they had dressed up as, and they said a decade of the rosary.

As Dami was getting out of the car I said "You are are St George and Ducky is the Dragon" He replied, "No, I am a superhero!"
As Dami was getting out of the car I said “You are are St George and Ducky is the Dragon” He replied, “No, I am a superhero!”

Then all the children gathered back at Emilie House for the activities, then afternoon tea.

My activities were all thanks to Shower of Roses.

Guess the lollies in the jars
                                      Guess the lollies in the jars

It is always a wonderful way to ask all these holy people in heaven to pray for us. They are so close to Our Lord in heaven and can intercede for us when we ask for their help. They lived such inspiring lives while they were on earth and are such beautiful people to use as a model for our own lives.