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Lemonade to Leadership

A Review of Lemonade to Leadership


As I have mentioned briefly in other posts, we have completed a wonderful course this year. It is published by the Institute for Excellence in Writing and is called “Lemonade to Leadership”.


The Australian Curriculum has a learning area called Economics and Business. To cover a lot of the scope and sequence from this learning area I thought it would be a good idea to do this course. The plan was to spend Friday afternoons learning how businesses run, and eventually starting up a business of their own.


The course has been far better than I anticipated. I only used it with my kids in grades 8, 6 & 4. It was well suited to all these age groups.


Considering they have a Dad who runs his own business, they already knew that they would need to put in a lot of work to get any results. The hardest part was learning the basics of  how businesses are run – all they wanted to do was make their products and make some money!


They conducted market research on their chosen products. They interviewed people about what business names would be good.  They made business cards and brochures and decided on a slogan. Then they were free to make their products!


Jay and Dom decided on home-made, 100% beeswax candles.

trade fair candles


Beth made her own lip balms (scented with our Doterra essential oils of course!)

Simply Lips Trade Fair

At the end of the course it suggests that you have a Trade Fair to get experience at selling your products. I was able to organise one within our homeschool group. Lots of people joined in and we were able to raise money for a charity at the same time.


Even though Zac didn’t do the course with us, he made up a business name, made business cards (with his big Bro) and made his own products to sell at the fair. His business was called ‘Fruity Fruits’ and he sold dried fruit and fruit leather.

Fruity Fruits Trade Fair

I am very proud of my little entrepreneurs. It has been a wonderful way to end the school year and wrap up such a wonderful course.