Family Fun

Every weekend needs at least a little fun, doesn’t it? Well our family fun this past weekend was riding our motorbike. More often these days the motorbike is enjoyed by all the male members of the family. I decided that it was about time that the girls had their turn as well.

Beth Motorbike copymotorbike Dami copyIsaac MotorbikeKate Motorbike Dom motorbike Jacob Motorbike

My Daybook

In July

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…. A few visitors on this beautiful winter day.


I AM GIVING THANKS FOR….. Our holistic dentist is helping to heal Jay’s headaches.

I AM LISTENING TO…. Jay playing the guitar.

I AM THINKING ABOUT…. I really need to get Dami up from his afternoon sleep or he won’t sleep tonight!

I AM LEARNING…. I am learning so much about how to set up a blog, there is so much to learn!

I AM CREATING…. My blog! And some activity bags (more on that another day)

IN THE SCHOOLROOM…. We have just today finished our curriculum – From Lemonade to Leadership. Now we need to start the mini businesses. We also need to get some art lessons done – very soon!

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN…. My slow cooker is on with a silverside in it. Big weekend ahead – fruit and veg shop and lots of cooking ready for the following week.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… We are still reading ‘A Nest for Celeste’. I am also hoping to do a composer study next week.

IT’S TIME TO THINK ABOUT…. How to freshen up the learning spaces. P

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD…. Mum and Dad are coming for dinner tomorrow night, decide what ‘fun’ thing we can do as a family on the weekend, sort through a pile of medical bills, catch up on marking.

Home Schooling

Enriching Our Minds Though Quality Books

Each school term we read a book aloud together. This is a book which we can all enjoy; from ages 7 – 13. All of us love to read and enjoy books. The last few months I have learnt a lot from Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things. I highly recommend her Podcasts for all mothers to enjoy, home schooling or not. The enjoyment and benefits we get from reading aloud together is immeasurable. Often the kids will beg me to read more at any chance they get. Often school will begin ‘late’ because we can’t stop reading! Lately we have enjoyed;


and currently we are enjoying;


Our favourite by far was ‘The Green Ember’.  We bought it on Audible. It was lovely to give my voice a rest and also listen while driving. We can’t wait for the sequel to come out on Audible but I fear not much school work or jobs will get done when it does!

Reading as a family unites us. It brings us closer together.  It is often our favourite time of the day.


Big Shoes to Fill


Dami loves putting peoples shoes on and pretending he is that person. Yesterday it was Beth….

“I Beth!” he says as he clip clops around around the house. This morning it was Paul’s work shoes. The conversation went like this:

“I Daddy!”

“Where are you going today, Daddy?” I asked.

“To work,” he replied.

“What are you going to do at work today?”

He thought for a while and said, “Going to watch tv.”

Very interesting. I don’t think using a computer at work means he is watching tv.


A New Beginning…….

Well, here it is – the first post! I have being toying with the idea of starting a blog for the last few years. I have learned so much from other peoples blogs, from ideas about homeschooling, to recipes and things to make with my essential oils. And of course inspiration to be a better mother and Christian woman. Whilst not ever being one to enjoy writing at school, I have always enjoyed ‘creating’. During high school I enjoyed songs on the piano, cross stitching, dancing or my mum’s cooking or craft classes. This blog is intended to be a reflection of what creations happen in our home. I enjoy home-schooling, cooking, essential oils and parenting my five lovely children. We are blessed to live on 5 acres which is the perfect environment to home-school in.

Photo on 18-11-2014 at 4.10 pm

I hope someone gets something out of reading this blog. If that’s you, please comment and let me know! Otherwise, this will be a blog just to keep for when the kiddies are older and they can reminisce about their ‘home-school’ days. We don’t have yearly school photos, assemblies, certificates or annual books to remember their days at school. Our days all mingle into one memory of our experiences with each other. I want to remember these days. Not just by photos stuck on my computer with no captions. I want to remember what they said, what they were doing and how we were all feeling. I want to remember the good and the bad. I want to feel like I am living, not just existing. If that can inspire someone else to do something good (or maybe learn from my mistakes), then it is all worthwhile.
I hope you enjoy the posts that follow as I embark on a new journey. Come with me and see what unfolds in the days, weeks and years that follow. Let’s inspire one another to be better mothers. Mothers who love their children dearly, respect them and help them to become confident, happy adults of the future.

Photo on 19-11-2014 at 10.06 am