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My Daybook – September

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE….a beautiful spring is truly magnificent!

My morning walk, down the back of our block.

I AM GIVING THANKS….. that the term is nearly at an end. Holidays are in sight and we are taking time out to go down south for a week – I can’t wait!

I AM PRAYING FOR……..a dear friend’s children who have been in a car accident.  And I am praising God that they miraculously came out ok.

I AM LISTENING TO….Zac cooking an omelette for his breakfast. At 8 years old he is quite a whizz in the kitchen….he makes awesome omelettes and scrambled eggs.


I AM THINKING ABOUT….how to add more steps into my day. I bought a fitbit for my birthday with some vouchers that I had. I am so pleased that I got one, it is really helping me to get more steps into my day. Hopefully I am going to be fit enough to climb Bluff Knoll in a few weeks!

I AM LEARNING….all about the gut. I am reading and enjoying ‘Gut‘. The big boys are also reading it. I love that they are learning so much about their body at such a young age.

I AM READING…. I have a number of books on the go right now. ‘Anne of Green Gables’, ‘A Story Formed Life‘ ‘Gut’ and ‘Brain Maker‘.

I AM CREATING….checklists to show my homeschool moderator. I know any day now she will call and make an appointment to come and see me, and I want to be prepared!

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are enjoying our world war one studies. I have been using Bloom’s Taxonomy with the kids lately and it has really enhanced our homeschool experience. Here is a good post explaining how to use it in your homeschool.

We have also just finished ‘On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness’. It was such a fun read-aloud we didn’t want it to end! Now I have to decide on the next family read-aloud. Any suggestions?

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….as always… our GAPs food and plenty of ferments.

IN THE MORNING BASKET…a new read aloud! I don’t know what yet. We are also learning about Handel by listening to these. Maestro Classics is a wonderful site for teaching the kids more about Classical music. They also have downloads to integrate into other learning areas.

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….How much fun it is playing games with the kids. We have plans to spend most Saturday nights playing games. Last games night I played Labyrinth with the younger kids and then once they were in bed Paul and I played Dominion with the big boys. Our games cupboard is quite extensive as I buy the kids a new game every Christmas. One of my most treasured childhood memories is playing games with my sister. We still reminisce  about the games we used to play. My kids still play the exact games now, in fact Labyrinth is from my younger days. I can’t wait to play games again with you one day my lovely sister!

The fire after it had burnt down a fair bit


We had an awesome bonfire on Saturday night. The kids had a ball riding the motorbike and playing tag with friends in the dark. They also played ‘King of the Castle’ on a huge pile of dirt. The aim was to stay at the top of the dirt pile as long as you could – all the other kids would try and pull you down. As you can imagine, they were all filthy and black by the end of the night – I wish I had a photo of that!

The dirt pile…it looks bigger in real life!

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD…organising costumes for our drama concert and trying to finish off subjects for the term.

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Drop School, It’s Tulip Time!

Sometimes you just need to drop everything and go and spend some time in nature. When there is a tulip festival on, how can you possibly resist? We skipped school this morning to go and visit the very beautiful Araluen. Every year, at this time, Araluen is in its finest. People flock from near and far to feast their eyes on the beautiful tulips that fill the grounds.

We set off early this morning, trying to beat the crowds.


We spent time admiring the flowers, waterfalls and wildflowers.


The kids climbed rocks, and explored hidden areas in the bushes.


While Beth and Dami did some nature journaling…


the other boys went on a bush walk.


We enjoyed morning tea (yummy fermented apples and kefir) and then the kids decided it was ‘stacks on’ Dom!


When we got home we had lunch then spent the afternoon reading about the parts of a flower and drawing and labelling our flowers. Of course the younger kids just drew and labelled whereas the older boys had to write definitions as well.


It’s funny after such a beautiful spring morning, it is now raining. As we sit and drink tea and some kids continue to draw more flowers, I am so grateful for homeschooling. These are the days that I want to remember forever.

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My Daybook – May

This month of May has been so busy. I am only squeezing ‘My Daybook’ post just in time before winter begins tomorrow. The little three kids are in bed and I can sit and reflect on what has been a particularly crazy month of May.

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…. Nothing….it’s dark! But when the sun is shining our rose bushes look beautiful at the moment.

roses May 2016

I AM GIVING THANKS…..that I get to go out with my hubby Friday night. We are going to see one of our favourite bands “The Idea of North.” I can’t wait!!!!

I AM PRAYING FOR…… many people at the moment. Mostly at the moment I am praying that this diet we are on will make our sick kids better.

I AM LISTENING TO…. Jay playing some Spanish music on his guitar. The heater is also whirring away trying to dry my bedding so I can get it back on my bed tonight.

I AM THINKING ABOUT…starting a journal to document how we are progressing each week on the diet. Each week there is new developments and I think I will never forget them, but I am sure I will  😉

I AM LEARNING….how to experiment with recipes to make them ketogenic/GAPS friendly. Prior to this diet I could only cook from a recipe. I am finding more and more that I can adapt recipes to suit our needs and even make up a few of my own.

I AM READING….’Gene Genius.’ It is a fascinating book about how our genes influence our health.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are much more on track now after having a rough few weeks. Firstly, it was the adjustment to the diet, then we had our National testing, NAPLAN.


COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….coconut yoghurt, fermented apples, fermented carrots, kefir, lots of slow cooked meat and veggies, broth and a couple of fermented drinks. One yummy drink I made was a kefir beetroot and ginger juice – yum!

Here are some that I made with the kids on the weekend….

fermenting weekend

IN THE MORNING BASKET… On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and lots of Zentangles.


morning basket May


I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….our trip to the hills last week. We went to Mundaring Weir. It was a beautiful autumn day and the scenery was lovely. The whinging 3 year old in the back of the car on the way there wasn’t so lovely (he was crying that his foot was ‘wobbly’ – we think he might have had pins and needles!). Nevertheless, we arrived after 50 minutes of driving. We had a lovely walk and then cooked a BBQ lunch. We then got back in the car and drove to the other side of the Weir, had a walk across the dam wall and then made ourselves comfortable and began some nature journalling. It was a day to remember. Even Dami keeps asking me if we can go back to the hills.

Mundaring Weir nature journalling

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD….appointments, a coffee night with a dear friend, lots of school and no doubt lots of cooking!

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Denmark – Day 4

On Monday we drove to one of the most beautiful places in WA, the Tree Top Walk. This walk was made to allow visitors to gain an enhanced experience of these beautiful tingle trees. The distinctive feature of these trees is their large, hollowed out base. The hollows have been caused over a long period of time by fire, fungal and insect attack. The construction of the walk consists of six 60-metre lightweight bridge spans on seven pylons. It reaches a maximum height of 40 metres.

These tingle trees only occur in this small area. The canopy ranges between 30 and 80 metres in height and it includes red tingle, yellow tingle, marri and karri trees.

Luckily for us, no one is afraid of heights. It was beautiful to be among the tree tops.



tree top walkAfter the tree top walk there is an additional walk called ‘Empire Walk’. Although not in the tree tops we enjoyed this just as much. The tingle trees are amazing. The kids especially loved being able to walk inside them.

IMGP5140 IMGP5138 IMGP5136

The last picture is Grandma Tingle. Can you see a face?

After lunch at home and a little rest we headed out to Monkey Rock. This rock really does look like a monkey’s face! It was a pretty tiring climb up the hill. Dami had the most comfortable ride in Dad’s arms. We reached the side of the rock where there was a rope to help you climb to the top. Everyone, except Dami, each had a turn of climbing up enjoying the view. We then realised the track kept going and we could climb up behind the rock and there was a path to the back of the rock. The view was truly breathtaking.


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Denmark – Day 3

On Sunday we got the kiddies up early and got ready for Mass. In Denmark, Mass is on at alternate times with Mt Barker, a neighbouring town. We thought it was at 8am, but as we arrived we realised that no one was there! So this particular Sunday, Mass was on at 10:30am. Considering we were all out early we decided to explore the town a bit more. We found a little floating bridge which took us across to the inlet so we went for a little walk. I must admit though, I was a little scared walking through some of the scrub, as the three boys had seen a tiger snake the day before! I refused to go first (nothing like protecting my kids- eh?), and I stomped my feet pretty hard just to make sure any snakes would disappear if they were nearby…….I am a real scaredy cat when it comes to snakes.

floating bridge

You can see the floating bridge in the background.

floating bridge and inlet

Once past the scrub the view was beautiful.

We jumped back in the car and went exploring again. This time we drove through town. Kiddies tummies were rumbling so it was time to head home for morning tea, and then come back to town for Mass!

In the afternoon we headed out to Lights Beach. The wind was pretty cold so some of us needed parka jackets and beanies! We enjoyed climbing rocks and watching the waves.

IMGP5110 IMGP5091 IMGP5118IMGP5116 IMGP5108 IMGP5113

UPDATE: Yes, I know these were the pictures I originally posted for ‘Day 2’ but I realised they were actually from Lights Beach, not Ocean Beach. I have to now update the pictures from ‘Day 2’,  I just need to find some picture of Ocean beach…..


Recharge the Batteries

Bells Rapids 8

I love a walk in the Aussie bush. When you have 5 kids with you and the youngest is 2, it isn’t really about fitness, it is more about the connection with nature. I love the smell of the bush. I love the fresh air in my lungs.

Bells Rapids 2

Bells Rapids 3Bells Rapids 7

In our family when we go for a family bush walk it recharges our batteries. When we have had a hard week we try to carve out some time on Sunday to go and spend time together. In 2013 we explored the Swan River. We studied river systems and tried to find the source of the river. Last year we visited all the dams in Perth.  Last Sunday we visited Bells Rapids. We have had a fair bit of rain the last few weeks so we were hoping to see the river moving through quite fast.

Bells Rapids 5

We had a lovely time and came home ready to start a new week.

Dami asked,
Dami asked, “Are we going to climb that hill?”