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My Daybook – February

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…a beautiful overcast day. I can also see some gorgeous new shoots on the rose bushes. If the parrots don’t get to them, I should be able to pick some soon to bring inside.

I AM GIVING THANKS….that Jay was feeling much better than usual yesterday and he was able to enjoy his birthday.

I AM PRAYING FOR……..Jay – that his up and coming medical treatment interstate will fix his health and he can lead a normal life again!

I AM LISTENING TO…a very quiet house!!! Only one of the big kids are up so it is very quiet. I can hear many different birds chirping outside.

I AM THINKING ABOUT….how I haven’t posted ANYTHING in so long. I really want to get back into it again. I like to blog so I can document our days and have something to look back on. Hopefully I can start up again.

I AM LEARNING….more and more about the bible. This year for Religion we are focusing on the bible. Not that we don’t already know how to read it, but this year we are using lots of resources to come to love and understand scripture more deeply and to understand the timeline from Adam and Eve right to Jesus.

I AM CREATING….lists, lists and more lists. I will be in Melbourne for 2 1/2 weeks with Jay. Our GAPs diet will have to continue at home, and so will school work. The kids will need to know what to do while we are gone.


IN THE SCHOOLROOM….there is plenty going on. I will have to do a separate post all on our chosen curriculums for this year. Dami is in Kindy this year. Although I prefer learning at this age to be completely natural, there are days where he wants to be like the big kids. Sometimes we enjoy a cup of tea together while he is doing his ‘Kindy’ work.



How are we supposed to do school with this little guy peering in the window?!!


COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….last night was a no dairy, no sugar, peppermint ice-cream for Jay’s 15th birthday. It was delicious!!


IN THE MORNING BASKET…we are listening to Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes and we are learning the poem My Country.


IN THE GARDEN…we are fencing in the property so our new puppy won’t escape! We needed to cut down a few trees to be able to put the fence in. The logs became a good table and chairs.



I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….a cute little moment from Jay’s birthday yesterday….Dami spent the morning bringing ‘presents’ to Jay from the playroom. He gave away his Octonaught toys, his keyboard, a backpack and some toy cars. When he was off to bed that night he also gave Jay his teddies. It was a very serious activity, he was adamant that Jay was not to give them back.

The kids enjoyed a trip on their Poppy's sail boat. The boat literally rocked Dami off to sleep!

The kids enjoyed a trip on their Poppy’s sail boat. The boat literally rocked Dami off to sleep!

My Daybook – September

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE….a beautiful spring morning..it is truly magnificent!


My morning walk, down the back of our block.

I AM GIVING THANKS….. that the term is nearly at an end. Holidays are in sight and we are taking time out to go down south for a week – I can’t wait!

I AM PRAYING FOR……..a dear friend’s children who have been in a car accident.  And I am praising God that they miraculously came out ok.

I AM LISTENING TO….Zac cooking an omelette for his breakfast. At 8 years old he is quite a whizz in the kitchen….he makes awesome omelettes and scrambled eggs.


I AM THINKING ABOUT….how to add more steps into my day. I bought a fitbit for my birthday with some vouchers that I had. I am so pleased that I got one, it is really helping me to get more steps into my day. Hopefully I am going to be fit enough to climb Bluff Knoll in a few weeks!

I AM LEARNING….all about the gut. I am reading and enjoying ‘Gut‘. The big boys are also reading it. I love that they are learning so much about their body at such a young age.

I AM READING…. I have a number of books on the go right now. ‘Anne of Green Gables’, ‘A Story Formed Life‘ ‘Gut’ and ‘Brain Maker‘.

I AM CREATING….checklists to show my homeschool moderator. I know any day now she will call and make an appointment to come and see me, and I want to be prepared!

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are enjoying our world war one studies. I have been using Bloom’s Taxonomy with the kids lately and it has really enhanced our homeschool experience. Here is a good post explaining how to use it in your homeschool.

We have also just finished ‘On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness’. It was such a fun read-aloud we didn’t want it to end! Now I have to decide on the next family read-aloud. Any suggestions?

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….as always… our GAPs food and plenty of ferments.

IN THE MORNING BASKET…a new read aloud! I don’t know what yet. We are also learning about Handel by listening to these. Maestro Classics is a wonderful site for teaching the kids more about Classical music. They also have downloads to integrate into other learning areas.

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….How much fun it is playing games with the kids. We have plans to spend most Saturday nights playing games. Last games night I played Labyrinth with the younger kids and then once they were in bed Paul and I played Dominion with the big boys. Our games cupboard is quite extensive as I buy the kids a new game every Christmas. One of my most treasured childhood memories is playing games with my sister. We still reminisce  about the games we used to play. My kids still play the exact games now, in fact Labyrinth is from my younger days. I can’t wait to play games again with you one day my lovely sister!


The fire after it had burnt down a fair bit


We had an awesome bonfire on Saturday night. The kids had a ball riding the motorbike and playing tag with friends in the dark. They also played ‘King of the Castle’ on a huge pile of dirt. The aim was to stay at the top of the dirt pile as long as you could – all the other kids would try and pull you down. As you can imagine, they were all filthy and black by the end of the night – I wish I had a photo of that!


The dirt pile…it looks bigger in real life!

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD…organising costumes for our drama concert and trying to finish off subjects for the term.

My Daybook – May

This month of May has been so busy. I am only squeezing ‘My Daybook’ post just in time before winter begins tomorrow. The little three kids are in bed and I can sit and reflect on what has been a particularly crazy month of May.

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…. Nothing….it’s dark! But when the sun is shining our rose bushes look beautiful at the moment.

roses May 2016

I AM GIVING THANKS…..that I get to go out with my hubby Friday night. We are going to see one of our favourite bands “The Idea of North.” I can’t wait!!!!

I AM PRAYING FOR……..so many people at the moment. Mostly at the moment I am praying that this diet we are on will make our sick kids better.

I AM LISTENING TO…. Jay playing some Spanish music on his guitar. The heater is also whirring away trying to dry my bedding so I can get it back on my bed tonight.

I AM THINKING ABOUT…starting a journal to document how we are progressing each week on the diet. Each week there is new developments and I think I will never forget them, but I am sure I will  😉

I AM LEARNING….how to experiment with recipes to make them ketogenic/GAPS friendly. Prior to this diet I could only cook from a recipe. I am finding more and more that I can adapt recipes to suit our needs and even make up a few of my own.

I AM READING….’Gene Genius.’ It is a fascinating book about how our genes influence our health.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are much more on track now after having a rough few weeks. Firstly, it was the adjustment to the diet, then we had our National testing, NAPLAN.


COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….coconut yoghurt, fermented apples, fermented carrots, kefir, lots of slow cooked meat and veggies, broth and a couple of fermented drinks. One yummy drink I made was a kefir beetroot and ginger juice – yum!

Here are some that I made with the kids on the weekend….

fermenting weekend

IN THE MORNING BASKET… On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and lots of Zentangles.


morning basket May


I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….our trip to the hills last week. We went to Mundaring Weir. It was a beautiful autumn day and the scenery was lovely. The whinging 3 year old in the back of the car on the way there wasn’t so lovely (he was crying that his foot was ‘wobbly’ – we think he might have had pins and needles!). Nevertheless, we arrived after 50 minutes of driving. We had a lovely walk and then cooked a BBQ lunch. We then got back in the car and drove to the other side of the Weir, had a walk across the dam wall and then made ourselves comfortable and began some nature journalling. It was a day to remember. Even Dami keeps asking me if we can go back to the hills.

Mundaring Weir nature journalling

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD….appointments, a coffee night with a dear friend, lots of school and no doubt lots of cooking!

My Daybook – April

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…. our new pot plants. We spent one day last week doing some gardening. It was a lovely holiday activity.


I AM GIVING THANKS….. that my Dad is able to come and babysit tonight. Also, that after our last trip to the dentist for Dom it looks like his broken tooth is starting to heal.

I AM PRAYING FOR……..a family friend’s brother whose funeral was today.

I AM LISTENING TO…. Dami and Zac playing in the play room. Jay playing his guitar. Beth and Zac are playing lego.

I AM THINKING ABOUT….going out for dinner tonight. We are taking out Dom for his graduation dinner. It’s a bit late because he couldn’t really eat properly before with his broken tooth.

I AM LEARNING….all about the gut and its importance in being able to have good health.

I AM READING….I have just finished reading ‘To the Heights‘ and have just started ‘100 Cupboards‘. I seem to read a lot of the kids books, and I love it.


I AM CREATING…. fermented foods.


IN THE SCHOOLROOM….not much – it’s holidays!!!

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….coconut yoghurt, fermented apples, kefir, and hopefully soon some kombucha.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… I don’t know yet, I haven’t decided what we will do next term.

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….How cute my littlest boy is.  Also, how brave my two other boys have been with their fractures. I am also enjoying my snuggle morning time. Dami and I (and sometime Zac too) often spend the first part of our day snuggling on the couch reading books.

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD….School begins. I really need to do some planning and I still need to catch up on some marking from last term. We also have a hospital appointment for Zac to see if his broken shoulder has healed yet.

My Daybook – February

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE…. a ‘pirate ship’ that was created at morning tea play.


I AM GIVING THANKS FOR….. our wonderful dentists!

I AM PRAYING FOR……..Dom’s tooth – that it will not die in the near future, family members who are sick and also our sick parish priest. I am also joining a friend in prayer this Lent. She has asked for a special intention.

I AM LISTENING TO…. Beth and Isaac playing ‘Castles’ in the playroom. It’s their latest imaginary game. Jay is playing guitar, Dom is doing electronics and Dami is fast asleep.

I AM THINKING ABOUT….what a priest said to me on the weekend, “Do not fear what tomorrow will bring because what you are afraid of might not happen anyway.” So I am just trying to live in the moment.

I AM LEARNING….patience in prayer. I am quite a patient person, but when it comes to something I am praying for I am not so patient!

I AM READING….I recently finished reading ‘The Hunger Games’ series. I must admit, I quite enjoyed them.

I AM CREATING…. nothing!

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….just plodding along trying to get though everything. Here are a few pictures from today….


I was given a lot of ‘tea’ and ‘cake’ while I was teaching today.


Subtraction with regrouping


We have been reading about Benjamin Franklin in history. Dom was very happy when I told him his activity was to ‘invent’ something! He has designed his own wooden combination lock.


Beth was very happy to draw Benjamin Franklin’s ‘kite’ experiment. Of course her kite has lots of pretty bows on it.

IMG_1007 (1)

Jay is reading about the French Revolution for history. Such an independent learner – he didn’t quite understand it from the text so he googled it and watch video after video until he understood it. He said that the ‘Horrible Histories’ video was the best!

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN….nothing exciting. Just lots of healing foods; bone broths, beef gelatine jelly, green smoothies and lots of fruit and veg.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… we are creating a ‘Jesus Tree’ in our doodle books. Each morning we read from the bible and draw the relevant symbol in our doodle book. Here is an example with the printable symbols. We are also reading ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library’.

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….Dami’s bed time routine. I get on Dami’s bed and tell stories. They used to be about a little mouse who lived in the corner of the room. I exhausted all my ‘Little Mouse’ ideas, now we are onto dragon stories. ‘Mr Dragon’ lives in a cloud above a country town. He has all sorts of adventures. When the story is finished Dami tells me a story. These are quite amazing and full of adventure. I would love to capture it on video sometime. He then has a drink and his essential oil massage (lucky boy!). If we are lucky he will go to sleep quickly, but most nights he takes quite a while and he keeps Zac awake by talking too much.

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD….trying to catch up on housework! Everything has been left the last few weeks due to wrist and tooth fractures 😦  I am a little slow with this cast on, but I can’t stand the mess so I’ll get through it gradually.

My Daybook – October

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW I SEE….  beautiful roses on our standard roses out the front of our house. We also had little visitor today…


racehorse goanna

I AM GIVING THANKS FOR….. a beautiful cool day for our sports day yesterday and I am giving thanks that my little boy didn’t break a bone after coming crashing down some stairs at the sports day.

Zacs legs

I AM PRAYING FOR……..people in our family who are sick, a friend who has recently announced that she is expecting, a friend who is moving house… there are always so many intentions…..

I AM LISTENING TO…. Dami marching around the house with a flag which we brought home from sports day yesterday. He is actually saying, “Marching, marching with the flag!”

I AM THINKING ABOUT….my moderator visit which is coming up soon, also our drama concert which is very soon!

I AM LEARNING….more and more about essential oils.

I AM READING….Island of the Blue Dolphins (another book for Jay’s literature class)

I AM CREATING…. portfolios for each of my school age children. We will show them to our moderator. I have made these for the kids every year since we started homeschooling. They are basically just a selection of school work from the year. We also write in there things they have enjoyed over the last year, things that they want to improve on and things they look forward to doing next year. My kids love these portfolios and will often look over past years just for fun. It is also handy to look over their past years to remind me what I did with the older kids when they were younger.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM….we are trying hard to wrap up as many subjects as we can, as quickly as we can, so we can move onto Christmas activities once Advent arrives.

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN…. not actually cooking, but I need to make a essential oil blend for my diffuser for myself….I have a cold – my first one in a long time.

IN THE MORNING BASKET… We are still reading ‘A Nest for Celeste’, we are also trying to do extra reading in the morning from our science book – otherwise we will not finish it this year!

I NEVER WANT TO FORGET….how cute this little 2 year old is…. he just was speaking to Dom.  Dom asked him, “Are you going to hit Dom again?” He replied, “No, I think.”

This very cute 2 year old also came into my room this morning carrying a play sword, shoulders slouched forward and in a little voice he said….”Dom killed me.”

PLANNING FOR THE WEEK AHEAD…. portfolios, reports, making decisions about next years schooling and buying a few more costumes for the drama concert.